Welcome to the homepage of Consulting Dr. Rainer Kling.

We offer solutions from one single source.


From classic Business Consulting to Lighting Design we can offer various topics and fields of activity described below. This wide range of topics can we only offer as a team  based on many years of experience.


Our motto is the independent and expert advice.


Our business areas:

  •      Professionial Lighting Design Project
  •      Business Consulting and Business Plans
  •      Strategic Management Consulting
  •      Start-Up Consulting    



Our other topics:

  •      Lighting Technology
  •      Light Sources
  •      Drivers
  •      Luminaires
  •      Sourcing and Qualifying from abroad to EU
  •      Display Technology
  •      Manufacturing Technology and line concepts


Please see our References here (link Refences) !



Please Phone or Mail for further information:

  • Phone:     +49 6221 4050970


  • Email:


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